aka: Pootard!

Good evening everyone!  Those who know me well, know that I am about as far from politically correct as I can be.  So consider that my disclaimer!

This page is of our dog, Einstein.  Now, don’t let the name confuse you.  This dog is smart.  But he has this irritating habit that we can’t seem to break him of.  He likes to eat POO!  He doesn’t care if it’s his poo, the cat’s poo, any poo.  He has to HAVE IT like I have to have my Dreyers Double Fudge Brownie ice cream (and no…no pun intended there).

I used Basic Grey’s “Hello Luscious” line and I made the medallions.  The canvas flowers are Prima I think.

Now for the crowning jewel(s) on this page:  the “poo pins”!

I made these “darling” li’l gems from Sculpey III polymer clay.  I think they are hilarious!  And I love how out-of-the-box and politically incorrect they are.  Sometimes, I like to buck traditionalism.

I thought it would be even funnier to pair these “poo pins” up with colorful and pretty papers and some blooms.  The end result is shown below.

Thanks for indulging my bad side!  And here’s a question for you.  Do YOU like to buck political correctness and traditionalism?  If so, how?  Post your answers in the comments!  Thanks again!

2 thoughts on “aka: Pootard!

  1. CherryTat

    omg Chrissy, hilarious!!! LOVE those poo pins! I think it's awesome to scrap something like that. It's everday life, so why not?? I am going to try making my own pins someday- such an awesome idea.

  2. Shona

    hehe I love the poo pins too …too stinking funny lol…my daughters dog had that probelem too, they got some pills from the vet and they worked lol


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