Crown of the Ocean

Hi everyone!  I’ve gotten the crown itch again and this is one I’ve been wanting to do for what seems like forever.  My heart has always been drawn to the sea.  I always feel rejuvenated and at peace when I set on the sandy beach and stare out at the horizon.  This crown is the result of my combine respect and appreciate for what the ocean gives us and the power it wields.  It is full of life and just has it harbors it, it can easily take it away.  It has the power to render things from the small and insignificant to the mighty and regal, aged and fragile.

Here’s a brief tutorial on how I put this Crown of the Ocean together.  Because this piece never had a completed vision in my mind’s eye, I do not have proper stepped out photos.  This was totally a “fly by the seat of my pants” kind of project.  All I knew when I started was that I wanted it to be a sea theme.

Step 1:  Paint your crown base with acrylic paints, both matte and metallic.  Once it dries, get the oxidized effect using any number of patina-creating kits out there.  After the patina fully cures and dries, apply gold leafing randomly all over the crown.  Dress it up with some dresden trim that has been treated with patina.  Finally, glue ball chain around the crown.

Step 2:  Paint your fancy shells using white gesso.  Apply a coat of opalescent paint in the center of the shells.  Use gold acrylic paint to dress up the outside edges and bring out that shine with a high impact metallic glaze.  I used Tattered Angels High Impact paint in “Antique Gold”.  Use a paintbrush and spread some resin on the inside of the shell and sprinkle some microbeads and add a pearl. The resin seals in the beads but it also looks like water.

Step 3:  Use the coral fans as embellishments!  Dress them up with Iced Enamels “Carnelian” or any other corally color you have.  You could even mix paints to achieve just the right orangey shade.

Step 4:  Start attaching your pieces to the crown base.  I started with the heavy shells first and then built around them.  You also will want to use a very strong glue like E6000 or Goop.  make use of those shells you found on your last trip to the beach!  Keeping them au naturale adds a softening contrast against the glitzy gold and vibrant coral.

Step 5:  Finish by attaching starfish.  I left mine their natural color so that the color of the coral is tied in with the rest of the crown.

Now sit back and admire your crafty genius!

Supply List:
Retro Cafe Art Gallery “Regal Chipboard Santos Crown Style 1” (you will need two)
Retro Cafe Art Gallery “Coral Cut-Outs”
Relics & Artifacts “Coquille”
Relics & Artifacts “Daisy Chain Small”
Ice Resin

Iced Enamels “Carnelian”
VerDay Patina Paint System
Liquitex Acrylic Paint “Gold”
Tattered Angels High Impact Paint “Antique Gold”
Art Alchemy Paint “Rich Turquoise”
Art Alchemy Opal Paint “Blue-Gold”
Art Alchemy Micro Beads “Bronze”
Art Alchemy Micro Beads “Splash”
Art Alchemy Micro Beads “Copper”
Tim Holtz Ball Chain
Gold Leaf and Adhesive
E6000 Adhesive
Shells, pearls, and starfish

6 thoughts on “Crown of the Ocean

  1. Jackie P Neal

    Chrissy, this crown is stunning! I do love how cleverly you added by natural and made pieces and had them meld so beautifully! A fine crown for any mermaid or even me! Jackie xx

  2. Susan Harkness-Williams

    Where do these end up? In your throne room where you reign supreme? These are gorgeous & I love to see what you’ll create next.

  3. Fliss

    This is absolutely amazing Chrissy, so beautifully decorated and so much lovely detail (I also spy the same micro beads I just used too 😀 )
    Fliss xx


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