“Curious Curio”

Curious Curio 1

I just love shadow boxes and curio cabinets.  They treasures stored inside, the mysteries, the stories, they commonality between each item it holds just gets my imagination flowing.  I’ve only ever done one multi-cubicle shadow box before,  I figured it’s high time to do another!

This “Curious Curio” is just filled to the brim with the curious, the odd, and the weird.  Everything just seemed to come together so easily.

Curious Curio 9

It’s super easy to put one together if you use the Keepsake Curio Shrine kit, Relics & Artifacts, and some found objects you most likely already have in your stash.  Let’s take a stroll through the curious and the odd and learn how I put this beautiful collection together.

Step 1:  Prime your Curio pieces with some lovely VerDay paint and patina according to the package instructions.  Don’t be shy with it either!  My beautiful color variation is the result of three coats, the last coat being applied with the previous coat still partially wet.

Curious Curio Step 1

Step 2:  Assemble your Curio once the VerDay has completely cured and dried.  Once your adhesive has dried, start hacking into some really cool paper for you cubby backgrounds.  I used a mix of Graphic 45’s “Steampunk Debutante” and “Old Curiosity Shoppe”.

Curious Curio Step 2

Step 3:  Add a strip of paper around the outside of the curio if you choose to cover the assembly notches.  I like decorative edges so I “aged” some white Fleur Dresden trim with VerDay to finish it off.  I used a chalk edger to make the very deliberate “lines” on the paper and age it a bit.

Curious Curio Step 6Step 4:  Now it’s time to focus on the cubbies!  I used the Circle Shrine Trinket in one cubicle and the result is beautiful.  Use some Art Alchemy Paint and Crackle Accents to dress up your trinket and a micro head from the “Figureheads” set of Relics & Artifacts  I ended up going back and finishing mine off with copper studs and Finnabair Micro Beads.

Curious Curio Step 4Step 5:  What is a “Curious Curio” without some tiny vials of questionable substances?  Decorate your vials with medical labels from the “Antique Medicine Bottle Label” collage sheet.  I also filled my vials with Art Stones and more Micro Beads.  I dressed my vials up further using some jute and leftover Dresden.

Curious Curio Step 3Step 6:  Let’s add another Trinket shrine, a head with a mind’s eye!  I painted my Head Trinket shrine with some more Art Alchemy paint and dressed him up with more micro beads.  I toned down the beautiful vivid green with a chalk edger.

Curious Curio Step 5Step 7:  Let’s add some body parts but without the “eew” factor.  The “Milagros” set of Relics & Artifacts are PERFECT for this curio.  Now some of the best results happen because of happy accidents and this is one of them.  To get that cracked, pivoted, aged porcelain look, apply a REALLY thick coat of Crackle Accents and let it set overnight.  The result will be nice crackling along the edges but a shiny and “clean” surface on the main areas.

To get the pivots, I used a pair of pliers and actually hit the pieces directly.  Be careful and don’t beat them but don’t be gentle and tap them either.  Once you think you’ve done enough damage, brush over the cracks with Artisan Powder and wipe the piece down with a dry napkin.Curious Curio 6Step 8:  The “Treasure” cut-out that serves as my title uses a technique I learned from the amazing and lovely, Linda Cain.  I have ALWAYS adored how she does her paint work and blending.  She shared her secret with me and I could not believe how simple it was.  She paints the piece with one color.  Once dry, she does the edges with a second color using a sponge!  Brilliant right?!  I need more practice but I still love how mine turned out.

Add a drawer pull to finish off the top.

Curious Curio 3Step 9:  Finish assembling your cubbies as you feel.  I used a Frozen Charlotte, a vacuum tube dressed in a Fleur de Lis crown, and some found objects and beads I had in my stash.

Curious Curio 7

Would you believe that the gold eagle piece is simply the top to an old cologne bottle?  Dig around and use your imagination!

Curious Curio 8

These curios contain endless possibilities and the fun is limitless.  Be on the lookout for more of these coming from me!

Supply List:
Keepsake Curio Shrine Kit
Chipboard Art Scrip Word Cut-Outs Set 3
Circle Shrine Trinket Pack of 2
Head Trinket Keepsakes Kit Pack of 2
Antique Medicine Bottle Label Collage Sheet
Ornate Fleur Cut-Outs Style 1
German Dresden Border Fleur White
Frozen Charlotte  China Doll Small (2″ – 2.5″)
Vintage Vacuum Tube
Antique Brass Fleur-de-lis-Crown Set of 4
VerDay Paint & Patina Kit
Vintage Mechanicals Clock Face Small
Art Alchemy Metallique Paint “Gold Rush”
Art Alchemy Metallique Paint “Royal Red”
Art Alchemy Metallique Paint “Green Olive”
Art Ingredients Micro Beads “Copper” (linked to Bronze)
Art Ingredients Mini Art Stones
Art Basics Soft Matte Gel
Ranger Inkssentials Crackle Accents
“Milagros” Relics & Artifacts
“Figureheads” Relics & Artifacts
Tim Holtz Locket Keys
Graphic 45 “Steampunk Debutante”
Graphic 45 “Old Curiosity Shoppe”
Various Found Objects

4 thoughts on ““Curious Curio”

  1. Heather | Thicketworks

    This is so fun and inspiring, Chrissy! I love the way you’ve created a ‘harmony of things’ while allowing each piece to have its own voice. Delicious!

  2. Kim Collister

    Love, Love, Love your Curio cabinet! All the little filled cubbies send my mind in different directions, each one so inspiring! The handle was a great addition and I love the two toned color on your word scroll! Thanks for sharing Linda’s tip Fantastic post!!!


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