“Embrace the Fug” — Beth

Sooooooo, I have been itching to break out of this rut.

I’ve tried making cabochons, which turned out great!

I’ve made a large ATC for the Art House Co-Op swap.  That turned out great!

 I figured, “What the hell!  Might as well try a page.  I haven’t done one since last summer.”

So I break out my awesome October Afternoon “Sasparilla” collection kit that I ordered from the wonderful Cassie over at Paper Issues

I find an awesome photo of Romy while deployed.  It’s one of my favorites of him.  I print off several copies in different sizes, both in color and in black and white.  I come up with my photo array on my page.  It’s definitely out of the norm from what I usually do.

I start to work.  Doing this, and doing that.  Adding things, moving things, taking things away.  A bit of misting and masking, which went horribly wrong.  So I redid it on the other sheet of paper in the collection kit.  And it came out equally bad.  I should’ve stopped then, while I was ahead.

But no.  I just keep powering on and through.  And this is what I ended up with:

The only “doctoring: this photo received is the cropping.  This is the page in all it’s fugly splendor!

I have decided that this is definitely true to my nature.  GO BIG OR GO HOME!  After not doing a page for almost a year, I pick October Afternoon papers, which are not the easiest to work with.

Oh well.  I like to chock this one up as an “eff it” type of thing.  We all make less than perfect things from time to time and it’s ok to show them!  I think this is actually quite funny.  Like I mentioned to the lovely Beth Gaddis this morning when you so wisely said, “We all must embrace the fug!”.  We can’t all make crafty stuff that’s all rainbows, sunshine and unicorns with butterfly farts.  In this case, the unicorn straight up took a dump. 

Let’s see some of your “back of the album” pages!


6 thoughts on ““Embrace the Fug” — Beth

  1. Dr. Theall

    has it really been since last summer that you made a page? I don't think this is fugly at all. It is bold and it is you. I actually like the misting and the mix of the bolder colors with the muted colors and the repeated pictures. sometimes we have to do something that we think is a little crappy to get ourselves going again. You'll love the next one you do. (and I hate that I can't take my name off the comment as thingy down there.

  2. ScrapGoo

    Ok, so this one was riding with training wheels and you fell off. The next one you'll be Lance Armstrong. And I STILL don't think it's as bad as you think it is!!! LOVE that you blogged it anyway!

  3. Cheryl

    …and bravo for your honesty! I think it's OK, it's not easy stuff to work with that Sasparilla. Especially if you've not made LOs for ages. Wade on through the fug, I say, till you come out the other side! x

  4. scarlett clay

    Pretty cobochons, the rose looks so perfect!1 ๐Ÿ™‚ Love that ATC, too..for some reason my computer is not letting me see your scrapbook page ๐Ÿ™ I'll try back! I want to see how it turned out!


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