Inspiration in Experimentation

alcohol-ink-pendant-2So I was playing around one afternoon and a thought occurred to me.  Relics & Artifacts® take and hold different mediums and paints so well, alcohol ink had to be sure thing.  Inspired, I sat down with some bright colors, a makeup sponge and a Chandelier Pendant and went to work.

A little dab here, some more dabbing there, add a rub-on and holy smokes!  It worked!

chandelier-5At this point, I was playing around with Bohemian Jewels as a finishing accent.  Aren’t they just lovely against those bright colors?

I decided to try to glitter up the rub-on a bit, and while the effect isn’t exactly what I was looking for, it didn’t turn out too bad.  I also went with the rhinestones compressed together instead of spread apart.  Slap a coat of Ice Resin® on top and just let that baby goooooo!


Stay tuned over on the Relics & Artifacts® Muse for a tutorial and some different looks and effects in the very near future!

Supply List:
Tim Holtz Alcohol Ink “Dockside Picnic”
Tim Holtz Remnant Rubs “Botanical”
Relics & Artifacts® Chandelier Pendants V
Relics & Artifacts® Bohemian Jewels Aquamarine
Ice Resin®

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