May Arts and Lawn Fawn Team Up

Hi everyone!  This week, May Arts has teamed up with the folks at Lawn Fawn for a week of crafty fun mixing paper and ribbon.  Today is day two of the hop and you should have arrived at my twisted blog from Karen’s.  Here is line up for today’s hop.

If you would like to start from day one, here is the schedule.  I’m accommodating like that.  πŸ˜‰

What’s a hop without a little carrot on a stick to keep you going?  Who wants a prize?  How about *2*?  Read through my post and the juicy, easy peasy, deets are at the end. 

Now for my project!  I used Lawn Fawn’s “Dewey Decimal” Petite Paper Pack.  I have learned that working with 6×6 papers presents a challenge and I’m glad I did it.  I was stumped for THE LONGEST TIME before my “AHA!” moment hit me like a bad hangover.  Yes.  It really hit me that hard.

First up is my gorgeous “Gorgeous” card.  My middle daughter wears glasses and sometimes, she’s a bit self conscious about them.  I made this card with her in mind.  Glasses are cool and she looks uber chic in hers.

Seams can be sooooo unsightly so I trimmed the seam where my two paper meet with May Arts’ Crocheted Trim (433-14-01).  My sentiment is from Glitz Designs and the eye glasses are from Retro Cafe Art.  Of course, who doesn’t love a little Glitz and glitter?  ::snicker:: See what I did there? ::snort::

 On the inside of the card is a stash envelope.  I shoved my Barnes & Noble membership card and some Japanese yen in there.  Hey!  I didn’t have a gift card or American dollars on hand.  Don’t judge!  Besides, yen is cool!

I trimmed the envelope with a some more awesome May Arts Twine (412-94, 412-17).  I love the twine and I use it on pretty much everything.  I even stare at it whispering, “My Precious,” when I feel lonely.  Ok, not really but I would!

My daughter LOVES to read.  She seriously plows through books like I do margaritas on date night with the hubster.  What better gift to give a bookworm than a bookmark?  I used my crochet trim and Precious twine again.   This time, I added the yellow twine (412-27).  I like to change things up and keep ya on your toes!  Slap on some letters from Glitz and American Crafts and some pretty baubles from Prima and call it done.

You have been so awesome to read all the way through my snazzy post so here are the deets on the prizes.  The prizes are your choice of 3 spools of May Arts ribbon AND a Lawn Fawn stamp and die set.  All you need to do is leave a comment along the way to be eligible.  I love it when things are easy. 



May Arts Crochet Trim (433-14-01)
May Arts Twine (412-94, 412-17, 412-27)
Lawn Fawn “Dewey Decimal” Petite Paper Pack
Scor-Pal Scor-Tape
Retro Cafe Art Eyeglasses
Prima Baubles
American Crafts Thickers
Glitz Designs Teeny Alphas
Glitz Designs “Cashmere Dame” Glitzers
Doodlebug Glitter
GlobeCraft Glasstiqe
Recollections Pearl Accents

95 thoughts on “May Arts and Lawn Fawn Team Up

  1. Debbie Caldwell

    I absolutely love your post…you obviously have a sense of humor…your daughter should be happy she has such an upbeat mom. The card is adorable, love love love those glasses and the pocket on the inside is great. I dislike seams also and always cover with ribbon or paper…I love the lace you used. The book mark is cute as can be. Thank you so much for sharing your talent and upbeat attitude!!

  2. Chrissy

    Hi Debbie! Thanks for the encouraging words and the looooove. I like to try and keep my ::ahem:: normal voice ::snicker:: in my blog posts. I know *I* get bored with the "First I did this. Then I beat that. Next I whipped this. And finally I died of boredom." type posts. I think edginess without raunchiness can be a good (and verrrrry entertaining) thing to have. πŸ˜‰ I hope you have a fabtastic day and thanks again for the loooooove! Yeah bay-bay ::Austin Powers voice, of course!::!

  3. Mary-Anne V

    Never visited your blog but you seem to such a fun and happy person esp. the way you are encouraging to your daughter…love the adorable card and the great bookmark. Thanks for sharing your projects today and inspiring all of us.

  4. Brenda Cannova

    Wow! Very cool projects! Especially like the "Nerd" bookmark. One of my grandsons is definitely a nerd (and proud of it!) and a bookworm, and would love that bookmark. Glad I discovered your blog, Chrissy, and will be a frequent visitor. My niece married a Navy man and they lived in Japan for many years and loved the culture and the people. All three of their children were born there and they all go back as often as they can to visit friends they made on and off base.

  5. UnikByYes

    Chrissy this is my first visit to your blog and loved it!!! You have an upbeat attitude that puts a smile on my face and makes me want to run to the craftroom and get crafty, saddly my kids are not into blog reading LOL! !.., I wsh I could writte like that hehe, always in a hurry and been told not to get to personal LOL!!! Anyhow your projects are awesome, love the trimmings too! Thanks for sharing!
    Have a wonderful day!
    Liz O.

  6. sharon g

    I love the cat eye glasses–my mom wore some when she went to the movies in the 60s. The LF paper is really cute–Kelly has such great designs.


    Those glasses kill me! SO CUTE. And the little inside pocket is an idea I'm totally going to use. Great projects. Thanks so much for the inspiration (and thank you for your military-family service, too)!

  8. Dodge3670

    Wow….love it all! The crocheted trim is awesome and so dainty looking. The glasses ROCK! The bookmark is really cool too! A good one for my nephew!!! Thank you so much for sharing! Nicely done!!!

  9. TJ Butler

    These projects look so great with that crocheted lace trim and the bling. Great ideas and sweet that you made them for your daughter. It was amazingly fun to stop at your blog!!

  10. croppinmama

    Love your designs and how you personalized them for your daughter. From a fellow military wife who spent time in Japan, too-doomo arigatoo for your service!

  11. Dana D.

    Your card and bookmark are terrific. Love the colors and all the details. I checked out your blog and now I'm a fan. I think your great sense of humor is so refreshing and then I went to Gauche Alchemy and now I'm a fan of that too. Going to spend some time going through all the how to videos.

  12. mtscrapgal

    Sounds like you are a girl who makes the best of every situation. I enjoyed your upbeat post. The card and bookmark are both top notch. I may have to check out the cute glasses. Thanks to your hubby and the whole family for the sacrifices you are making so we at home can feel safe.

  13. Julie A. Shearer

    Girl , you are too funny !! I love it ! I also love your heart felt card and bookmark for your daughter . I'm sure she will love it . Thanks so much for sharing and giving me a good chuckel this morning ….I really needed it . Rock on , sista !!

  14. Jennifer Scull

    first off, I had to chuckle at your comment about the margaritas…. would LOVE to double with you and your hubster! tee hee!

    next, that bookmark has ME written all over it, so you had best tell your daughter to hide it away somewhere, probably not in 'The Hobbit' or 'Hitchiker's Guide' or some other perfectly nerdy book where I would be certain to look first! love it!

    lastly, I seriously want a pair of glasses just like the ones you used on the front of your card. really. no jokes. really really want. and the trim you used right above it – I'd probably use that on every single card I made. while wearing those glasses……

    enjoy your day!

  15. Verna Angerhofer

    You certainly created some darling and fun projects. I love the cute card with the inside pocket for a gift card or money…and yes, yen is cool. I spent a few of those as well at one time. Thanks for sharing and also I want to thank your husband and you and your family for the sacrifices you have made in the service of our country!

  16. Annie Wills

    Love the pairings you did between the papers and the ribbon/twine…I always have a hard time matching these things up. Thanks so much for sharing these and the stories behind them!

  17. Chrissy

    I used to have a hard time as well. Now, I just dive in and go for it. As long as you acknowledge the color palettes and scale of the pattern, you'll be A-Ok! I also find it so much easier to work within a single collection. Give it a go!

  18. Chrissy

    I love it here. I lived here as a teenager and am thrilled to be back with my kids. The culture and people are some of the most beautiful I've seen.

  19. Chrissy

    I'm glad you found me and Gauche Alchemy. We like to consider ourselves pretty awesome and creative. πŸ˜‰ ::giggle:: Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!

  20. Loly Borda-Towery

    I so thankful to this blog hop because it allowed me to visit your blog for the first time. I thoroughly enjoyed your card and bookmark (I collect them) and your writing style kept me smiling all the time. Thanks so much!

  21. Shona Chambers

    Love, love, love your card with the glasses, its colours and theme are so retro and gorgeous!! Bet your daughter just loves you for thinking of her (my daughter wears glasses too..). And the bookmark would never be lost because its so cute!! You have great style!

  22. Heidi Krisw

    Book marks? I love them! This is the first time I visited your blog and I love it. This is the greatness of blog hoping they help you fing new inspiration and fantastic blogs.
    Thanks for sharing! We are thankful for families like yours.

  23. Cynthia B.

    Fun projects! Love the crochet trim on both, and I must agree – May Arts twine is precious! (Isn't it just the thickest, best quality?) I like the glittery touches on the glasses for the card and the letters for the bookmark. Thanks so much for sharing your work with us!

  24. Aunt Dee

    Adorable card with that awesome crotchet trim and the inside gift holder is cute. However, the glasses and tag with all that bling is fabulous. Great job.

  25. marylouh

    Like the idea of the pocket inside the card for money or gift cards. Love the eyeglasses card. The pink herringbone and brown dotted papers seem to really highlight the glasses. Great job.

  26. Charlie

    Such cute ideas – LOVE the glasses – I immediately think "Tourist on a cruise ship" when I see them. =0) CharlieDK (DK means Denmark) CouldnΒ΄t resist commenting.

  27. Peg Hewitt

    I love the houndstooth/spotty mix on that oh so funky card, and such a cool bookmark with those dangly bits. Margaritas with you is going on my bucket list πŸ™‚

  28. Gabby Lou

    I LOVE your card….those cat eye glasses are so cool the whole card is ΓΌber cute!, and what a lucky daughter to have such a great mom,, thanks for sharing your fabulous talent with us!!

  29. Caryn S

    HAH! Both of these are adorable…those horn rimmed glasses remind me of a pair my mom had when she was young. Love the beads on the ends of the twine on the bookmark, that's definitely a detail I need to include on a future project!

  30. Sydney Neal

    Love the simplicity of the card, the glasses are ADORABLE!!! The little gift card pocket on the inside is super cute!! πŸ™‚ The book is way cool, makes me smile (nerds rule :))!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!

  31. Aundria B.

    So cool how you made this card for your daughter so she would feel better about wearing glasses. And that bookmark is AWESOME!! I would've loved it if my mom had made me stuff like this. Thank you for sharing these!

  32. christi

    your too funny. love the gorgeous card. it would be cute for the young girl getting her first pair of glasses or better yet for the older person getting the first pair of bifocals. on that note i'll slide out of here unnoticed. cute bookmark too. how does it get in the kindle?

  33. Kelley

    I love crocheted trim…especially when I can buy it. πŸ™‚ And a perfect solution for covering seams. Those glasses are a hoot, I love 'em. Reading is fun and having a bookmark is a must.

  34. Heatheranne

    Love the card with the parcel pouch inside. The glasses are just too cool and remind of a pair I used to wear in the 50's, or was it that school teacher on the movie? lol Either way, they're gorgeous and the perfect charm for such a charming card. Love the lace where the backgrounds meet and the wonderful sentiment. The bookmark is super fun! I love the colour layers and the dangles. Thanks for sharing. πŸ™‚


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