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Can you believe we are already getting ready for Christmas?  I know I can’t.  This year has just flown by!   Today, I have a cute banner for you using the layered ornaments and snowflakes from Retro Cafe Art.

banner-7You would never believe how easy this banner was to put together!  For real!  And I’ll bet money you have all of the supplies I used here already in your stash.

banner-5Some pretty Christmas themed scrapbook paper, embossing powder and a heat tool, some super awesome alphas, glitter, and Ice Resin is all you need!

banner-4Oh, and no worries if you don’t have Ice Resin.  You can use Diamond Glaze but you won’t be able to fill the bezel wells.  Trust me.  It looks just as adorable without the resin.

banner-3I chose to use Ice Resin because (shhhhhh….don’t say anything) the stuff scares me!  YES!  It scares me.  But after doing this bad boy, it’s not nearly as daunting as it was before.

banner-2Wanna know how I put it all together?

Step 1:  Cut your pretty paper to fit each piece you want covered.  I used Mod Podge to glue my paper down.

banner-step-1Step 2:  Use your embossing powder and heat tool to cover the snowflakes.

banner-step-2Step 3: Decorate each piece with beads and glue down the frames.  Mix your Ice Resin according to the manufacturing directions.  Sprinkle in some round beads or glitter and let it cure according to the instruction.

banner-step-3Step 4:  Prepare your awesome alphas with some paint and for extra sparkle, add some glitter. Dump that stuff all over!

banner-step-4Step 5:  Place your alphas inside the wells created by the frames and dump more resin to fill and cover the letters.  I sprinkled some more microbeads to get a layered effect.  It also helps to use the leftover resin and paintbrush and spread it all over the whole piece to seal it.

banner-step-5Attach the pieces to ribbon with hot glue and add some Bohemian Jewels to the ornaments’ hanging holes.

Supply List:
Snowflake Ornaments
Christmas Ornaments
Bohemian Jewels
Dresden Trim
Ice Resin
Iced Enamels
Acrylic Paint
Scrapbook Paper

3 thoughts on ““Merry Christmas” Banner

  1. Heather K Tracy

    Yay! You and resin are now fast friends…thanks for sharing your process to create this delightful banner!


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