Mistakes and Hot Messes are Okay!

Have you ever had this great, fantastic, mind blowing vision in your head and then you start to work your magic.  You start to see your vision come to fruition through your fingertips.  You find your groove.  You are totally jivin’ and feelin’ it come to life.  Then, the moment of realization occurs.  You take a step back, tilt your head, look at your completed “vision” and think, “What the hell have I just done??!!”  Don’t lie.  We’ve all done it.  We’ve all had these great ideas but something happens during the process and a disconnect sets in and once it’s completed, you end up with a hot mess that you can’t believe just flowed through your hands and all you can say is, “WTF?”

I’ve had them many times and as luck would have it, I just finished one right on the heels of making it onto one of the hottest mixed media teams around.  Yep.  My project can only be titled as, “WTF happened??!!”

Behold!  The hot mess that can only be described using the words of a very good friend of mine, Jess, “Oh damn!  A whole lot of work for it to look like a snow cone!” hat.
FailHat4-3Aaaaah.  Just look at that in all it’s Easter gone tweaker glory!  Flowers, flowers, wings, and color.  Just an explosion of “Oh my gaud(y)!” all over the place.

Because what every hot mess needs to make it look even more chaotic is GLITTER!  Loads and loads of glitter makes everything exponentially……worse.
FailHat2-1If you EVER feel the need to play “mad scientist” with your sprays, DON’T!  You end up with this psychedelic trip gone horribly wrong in the end.  JUST DON’T DO IT!  And no matter what, a very prettily embossed Relic will not “make it all better.”
FailHat1-1Not sure if you can tell in the photo, but why not highlight the mind altering “WTH” with some…..LED lights!  Because every train wreck of a project should be lit the heck up so all can see and wonder whether you were drunk or unconscious when you put this together.
FailHat3-1I can’t tell you where or when the vision in my mind turned into a snow cone on acid, but I will say this.  MISTAKES ARE OKAY!  Not every project is going to be awesome and beautiful.  But in those mistakes and visions gone horribly wrong is where we learn, grow, and hopefully find some humor.  Every single person who creates, no matter if they are on a design team or not, has at least one project in their closet where they look at it and all they can do is shake their head and toss back a shot of vodka.  This one is mine.  Enjoy and salud!


6 thoughts on “Mistakes and Hot Messes are Okay!

  1. Monica D

    LOL…I love you…way to own your moment…I know that some day this is going to go from a blossom, to "full bloom" amazing…I just know it…and if not…well that's ok because you my friend, are an A M A Z I N G artist. Now I gotta go cuz, thanks to you, I have a crazy thirst for a rainbow snow cone!!!
    Nothin but love sistah!!!

  2. Milagros C Rivera

    Thanks for adding the humor to it, it's so hard to spend so many hours on a project that end up a train wreck. But you brings us back with your perspective and a your honesty in what happens to us creative minds!
    Off to start anew it'll be A W E S O M E

  3. kristie

    I honestly love that you posted this, you are an amazingly talented biiiotch, so dont even worry about the "snow cone". your next project will be as awesome as you are!

  4. irisrodd

    My first time reading your blog. You are a riot. You are sooooo funny. I was literally laughing out loud. How do you come up with such fun commentary. Reference the art piece, I have definitely had projects gone bad. I try to throw to throw it away, but my better half; a nice sensible man, always picks out of the trash. He keeps thinking that we need to keep our mistakes because it might come in handy, need it for something else, for inspiration. I know he lives in his happy world. Overall I like your art work.


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