Some Fantastic and ExcItiNg News!

Ready for some amazing news??!!!  I have been invited to join the super-talented creative team over at A Cherry On Top!  These women are super talented, super fun……and SUPER CRAZY (my kind of people)!  They are just so much fun and I am beyond honored to be part of this amazing team.

Come on over and see us in action!  I’m sure you’ll love it!  Not to mention, there’s a WEEKEND LONG crop coming up at the end of February!  Talk about shenanigans!

Thank you, ACOT, for such an honor and I look forward to it with a smile, a wink, and an occasional smartass comment!  MUAHAHAHAHAHA! 

8 thoughts on “Some Fantastic and ExcItiNg News!

  1. Chrissy

    Thank you for the well wishes and congratulations, everyone! I am really very excited about this new position! I just hope I can do the CT and ACOT proud. As the Joker said in the first Batman movie, "Wait'll they get a load of me!"


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