The May Arts Christmas Blog Hop Continues!

Today is day four of the May Arts Christmas blog hop.  If you missed the first three days and want to catch up, head on back to the May Arts blog.

Today’s line up is below.  You should’ve arrived here from the May Arts blog. There’s also a chance for a giveaway!

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Here’s my project.  I have always wanted to dress up some candles.  I picked up some plain white candles and took my alcohol inks to them.  Add some marvelous May Arts ribbon and some embellishments and I now have some pretty candles!

Normally, if you just use alcohol ink, you can still burn them.  These candles aren’t burnable because I used an acrylic sealer as well as mod podge and plastic glitter.  These are strictly for looks.

The “usual” way to use alcohol inks on candles is to drip them onto the candle and let them run.  Then roll in the excess ink that drips off the candle.  For mine, I wanted a more subtle look.  I applied the alcohol ink using my alcohol ink applicator and let it dry.  Then I sprayed an acrylic sealer over the whole thing.

To get the glitter on the bottom, just spread some mod podge onto the the candle and roll in clear, chunky glitter. 

Look for pretty finds and hardware around your house or in the dollar bin at the store.

To be entered in the giveaway, just leave a comment along the way!  You’ll be entered into the drawing for FOUR SPOOLS of your choice from the Ribbon Lady!

Thanks for hopping along with the Ribbonistas.  Your next stop is Gini.

30 thoughts on “The May Arts Christmas Blog Hop Continues!

  1. Diana Evensen

    Beautiful candles! If I wanted to be able to burn mine, and just used the alcohol inks, would the inks rub off on your hands or other stuff after awhile? (I guess I'm wondering why you used the sealer.) TFS

  2. Scraps

    Simply gorgeous! If you're handy with power tools, a drill with a 2" bit could be used to make a place at the top of each candle to drop in one of those battery-operated tea lights. Then you could keep the pretty candle pretty and still get the effect of candlelight from them 🙂

  3. Chrissy

    The acrylic sealer does help to prevent the alcohol ink from rubbing off too much. The ink can still rub off even with the sealer, but not as bad as it does without it.

  4. Karen Denson

    These candles are stunning, and what a perfect gift for that one person that you never know what to get them. I love all of the embellishments and the ribbons you used on them.

  5. Karen Denson

    Wow! These candles are stunning and what a great gift. I love the technique. It seems there is always that one person you don't know what to get for them and these candles would be absolutely perfect. Thank you for sharing your technique.


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